Asset Coordinator

Salary: £46,728 - £50,556 per annum
Hours of work: Full-Time

Senior Housing Services Officer

Salary: £46,728 - £50,556 per annum
Contract: Full-Time, Secondment Opportunity, Temporary (Maternity leave cover)

Maintenance Coordinator

Salary: £46,728 - £50,556 per annum
Hours of work: Full-Time

Unfortunately we do not have any positions available for application at this time.

Current Opportunities

When roles are available, we will provide a link to where you can find the details about the post and how to request a recruitment pack. To find out more about what we do with our employees and potential employees’ data, please read over our Worker Privacy Notice as this explains the reasons why we hold and use your personal data, and to explain your rights under the current data protection laws.

Fair Work First Statement

Milnbank Housing Association is committed to the principles and practical application of Fair Work First for every employee. We will achieve this by continuously reviewing and improving the way we work and ensuring our policies reflect our commitment to the principles of Fair Work First.

Appropriate Channels For Effective Voice, Such As Trade Union Recognition

  • We recognise a Trade Union (TU) and have a collective bargaining agreement in place through our membership of EVH.
  • We work closely with our staff and TUs to ensure effective consultation and negotiation during any change management activities.
  • We undertake anonymous regular staff surveys as part of MHA’s employee engagement. Feedback is communicated to staff and proposed action plans are developed and reviewed.
  • We have a Staff/Committee Working Group who meeting quarterly to provide an opportunity for dialogue and exchange of views between management and staff on issues of mutual concern and interest.

Investment In Workforce Development

  • MHA funds a range of professional and vocational training programmes which all employees are encouraged to access learning and development opportunities.
  • Training requirements are identified during, regular one to one discussion with managers and by individual development aspirations
  • We have an annual organisational training programme which supports our workforce development priorities.
  • We employee trainees and apprentices, where appropriate, to support staff to progress in their careers.

No Inappropriate Use Of Zero Hours Contracts

  • We have no zero hours contracts in place.

Action To Tackle The Gender Pay Gap And Create A More Diverse And Inclusive Workplace

  • We are members of Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH) and have adopted their terms and conditions and pay scales to ensure equality and transparency in relation to pay.
  • We regularly review and update our Equality and Diversity Policies and Procedures.
  • MHA has implemented an approach to collection and use of equalities data across all protected characteristics for job applicants and staff. This will be used to identify and mitigate against any potential discrimination in recruitment/promotion including consideration of the gender pay gap and to create a more diverse workforce.

Payment Of The Real Living Wage

  • The Association pays the Real Living Wage, or above, to all staff.

Flexible And Family Friendly Working Practices For All Workers From Day One Of Employment

  • We operate a flexible working model.
  • We have a Flexible Working Policy in place which offers options such as part time working, compressed hours, job share etc.
  • We have maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave, special leave and flexible working procedures in place.
  • Our terms and conditions set out compassionate and other special leave available to staff member which are supportive to promoting a positive work life balance.

Oppose The Use Of Fire And Rehire Practices

  • MHA is committed to working with our employees and TU representatives to ensure there is effective consultation and negotiation relating to change.