Buildings Insurance

We have a comprehensive block buildings insurance policy in place to cover all of our properties against structural damage. The policy covers the full re-instatement value.

Owner occupiers are required to participate in this scheme and will be supplied with details on commencement of factoring when purchasing their flat privately. 

When we are notified of an incident for which an insurance claim is to be submitted, the Maintenance Officer will inspect to assess the damage for the insurance claim. 

You can download a summary of the insurance policy here:

IMPORTANT:  The terms and conditions of the policy require that any loss or damage likely to be the subject of a claim be reported to us within 30 days.  Failure to do so will result in the claim being declined by the Insurer’s. 

Making a claim

The Broker involved in placing the common insurance policy is Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers and the insurer is NIG Insurance.  

In the event of damage occurring at your property which could give rise to a claim under this policy, please call the insurance claims hotline immediately, as listed below: 

Howden Scotland Insurance Brokers ( Claims Department )
76 Coburg Street

Telephone: 0131 553 2293

The claims handling team will normally ask you to confirm that you are the homeowner of the property. They will ask for your full address and contact telephone number. You will also be asked to confirm the nature of the damage and how it occurred. 

From there, the claims handling team will deal with all administration relative to the insurance claim. 

If the damage is of a common nature (affecting more than one property in the building) the claims handling team will normally appoint a contractor to attend and repair the damage, or provide a quotation to repair the same. 

If the damage is of a private nature to your property (affecting only your home) the claims handling team may invite you to obtain competitive quotations for the necessary repair works and submit them to their office, for approval. 

If you have any doubts about how to make a claim, please contact our office for assistance 

Contents Insurance

Allowners are responsible for ensuring that their household contents are adequately covered.This is not the responsibility of the factor. It is important that your Policy is sufficient to cover the cost of replacing items such as carpets, soft furnishings, personal belongings, electrical goods etc.  

Excess Costs

  1. General Excess – £250  
  2. Escape of Water Excess – £500  
  3. Subsidence Excess – £1,000