Management Committee

The Management Committee is the policy making body made up of Association members elected by residents within the area.  This means that it is the Association members who make the important decisions about Association Housing, though our full-time staff take care of day-to-day administration and management. 

All Milnbank Housing Association Management Committee Members receive training about their role as Committee Members and the responsibilities this involves.  To find out more information about being a Committee Member please contact us.

Allan Scott


Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 01/09/1996

Allan first joined the Committee in 1996 when he resided in Cardross Street. He has served on a range of Committee’s and is the current Chair. He is employed by Glasgow City Council and is also a qualified First Aider and TU Representative. Allan has gained a number of governance qualifications, the most recent being the Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm)Governance of Scottish Housing Association’s Qualification for Chair. He won the SHARE Committee Member Learner of the Year Award in 2018. To keep his wider knowledge updated, Allan serves on and is the current Chair of SHARE’s Executive Committee and regularly attends meetings at various housing forums. 

Ann Jenkins

Vice Chair

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 20/09/2018

Ann joined the Management Committee in 218. Ann has spent her working life in a customer service environment and is currently employed as a Health Care Assistant. For a number of years Ann volunteered in the local credit union and she is currently the Secretary for the Friends of Alexandra Park Group. Ann is a local Councillor for the East Centre Ward of Glasgow City Council. 

Cathy McGuire


Milnbank HA Owner
Joined 02/09/1991

Having served on MHAs Management Committee for over 30 years, Cathy has developed a huge wealth of knowledge and experience working with Committees. She holds the Governance Housing Qualification and was recognised for her work within the MHA community in 2014 when she was awarded a Star in the Community Award. Cathy is passionate about contributing to making MHA a good place to live and she volunteers her services for a number of local clubs and organising local events and she has served on the MHA Social Committee for a number of years. 

Rose Tinney

Milnbank HA Owner
Joined 01/01/2006

Rose is a retired Home Care Assistant who has resided in the Dennistoun area for a number of years and currently stays in Ballindalloch Drive. Rose was one of the founder members of Milnbank Residents Social Committee and has served on the Management Committee for more than 16 years. For a long period, Rose served on School Boards where she gained valuable experience of working on a committee and she helped to run a local dance school. Rose also serves on the Board of Milnbank Community Enterprises. 

John O’Donnell

Milnbank HA Owner
Joined 01/09/1981

John lives in Roebank Street and is the longest serving Management Committee member of Milnbank as he first joined in 1981. During his time as a committee member, John has held the posts of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. John also serves on the Milnbank factoring subsidiary company, holds a Governance Housing Qualification and is a retired Maintenance Manager where he had responsibility for managing staff. Even after serving on the Management Committee for 40 years, John continues to be passionate about making MHA the best that it can be. 

Josephine Donachy


Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 01/09/2008

As a retired PA to the Managing Director of Finance in a large international company, Josephine has been involved in MHA for 14 years. During her time as a Committee Member, Josephine has served on a number of Committee’s and she was instrumental in developing Carbon Footprints Nursery. Josephine holds a SQV Governance Qualification and she currently represents MHA on Glasgow City Council’s East Area Partnership Budget Committee. In addition to assisting with MHA community events, regularly volunteers at a friend’s care home for the elderly. 

Nick Halls

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 30/09/2010

Nick is a factored Milnbank owner who has resided in Ballindalloch Drive for over 30 years. He is a retired teacher and former Depute Principal of an Outdoor Education Centre. During his career, Nick served on numerous education committees. Nick joined the Committee 12 years ago to assist in the wider community development activity that forms a large part of MHA’s work. He is committed to the ideology of community control of social housing upon which the welfare of the community depends.  

Alex Young

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 29/09/2011

As a result of the Second Stage Transfer from GHA in 2011, Alex became involved in the Management Committee of MHA. Alex is a retired Civil Service Accounts Executive and during his career he was involved on the Health & Safety Committee, TU Representative and facilitated financial and risk training sessions for colleagues. Alex is enthusiastic about serving the MHA community, he volunteers in the recycling centre and at a range of community events. 

Margaret Anderson

GHA Tenant
Joined 19/09/2019

Margaret is a tenant of Glasgow Housing Association and has lived at Sannox Gardens for 8 years. Margaret is employed as a Support Worker and has been based in the Dennistoun area for a number of years. Following her recent involvement with the Friends of Alexandra Park, Margaret joined Milnbank Management Committee at the 2019 AGM as she is keen to get more involved in the community. 

Georgina O’Hara

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 19/09/2019

Georgina has been a Milnbank tenant since 1998 and has resided in Culloden Street and now lives in Ballindalloch Drive. She is employed as a Carer and a Childminder. Georgina is passionate about the area what happens in the community. Georgina is keen to play a more active part in the Association. 

Margaret Smith

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 19/09/2019

Before becoming a Milnbank tenant at Abernethy Street in 2017, Margaret lived in Craigpark Drive for a number of years. As a retired Sub-Editor of The Herald, Margaret has become more involved in volunteering with the community activities operating from the Bluevale Hall. Margaret stood and was elected onto the Management Committee at the 2019 AGM. Margaret wants to use her skills to help the Milnbank community. 

Ellen Conwell

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 22/09/2022

Ellen has been a tenant of MHA since 2018. Ellen is a qualified teacher and worked in the education sector until moving to her current post as a Warden in a Retired Living Complex within Dennistoun. Ellen volunteers at MHAs food pantry. Ellen was elected onto the Management Committee at the 2022 AGM. Ellen is seeking to continue developing her knowledge gained to date as a co-opted committee member. 

Gemma Hay

Milnbank HA Tenant
Joined 22/09/2022

Gemma lives in Appin Road and has been a tenant since 2021. Gemma is employed as a Health & Safety Disability Liaison Officer for a football club having previously worked as a pharmacy dispenser and an operations manager in the hair and beauty industry. Gemma was elected onto the Management Committee at the 2022 AGM and following attendance at MHA scrutiny groups, Gemma is keen to widen her knowledge of MHA.