Raising a Repair

You can use our handy Report a Repair form to notify us of any repairs you may have within your home or common parts of the building.

Your Security

For your security, all of our staff and private contractors carry identity badges. So please ask to see their identity badge when they call at your home. 

Response Times

Were committed to providing you with an excellent repairs service and have set ourselves some challenging response times. These are: 

Emergency repairs – Within 4 hours

Emergency repairs –
Within 4 hours

Repairs that pose a risk/serious harm to the structure, occupation or the security of a property. 

Examples of emergency repairs are fire, flooding/water ingress that cant be contained, break-in, no heating, no hot water, blocked wc if only one in house, vandalised/broken glazing. 

Urgent repairs – Within 2 working days

Urgent repairs –
Within 2 working days

Repairs which may cause an inconvenience to the tenant or interfere with normal occupation of the property and if left unattended could result in an emergency. 

Examples of urgent repairs are faulty light fittings, communal lighting, door entry system, loose roof tiles, running overflows. 

Routine repairs – Within 5 working days

Routine repairs –
Within 5 working days

Repairs which are not hazardous, or which cause minor inconvenience to a tenant. 

Examples of routine repairs are damaged fencing, dripping tap, fault with TV aerial, plasterwork. 

Non-urgent repairs –Within 15 working days

Non-urgent repairs –
Within 15 working days

Repairs which do not fall into any of the above categories t.