Gas Safety

By law, we must carry out an annual gas safety service for all homes

We have a gas servicing programme in place for all its properties.  The programme ensures that all gas boilers and fires are checked once a year by our contractor – GasSure.  

It’s very important that you give us access to your property for gas maintenance visits so that safety checks can take place. If you don’t provide access, then we may have to force entry to your home and costs will be charged to you. 

To find out more about gas servicing, talk to your housing officer or contact us. 

 If you are having any problems with your heating system please [Report a Repair].  

Smell gas?

If you smell gas and suspect a leak then:  

  • turn off all gas appliances 
  • put out any cigarettes 
  • open all doors and windows 
  • don’t use matches or naked flames 
  • turn the gas off at the meter 
  • don’t switch on any electrical switches or appliances 
  • don’t press buttons on the door entry systems 

Report the leak to the National Grid on 0800 111 999 at any time of the day or night.