Mutual Exchange

Tenants can exchange their home with another Milnbank Housing Association tenant or with a tenant of another housing association or local authority.

If you’re a tenant, we can add you to our mutual exchange register. Please download an application form.

Found another tenant willing to exchange with you?

When you have found another tenant you want to exchange with, both should complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form and send both forms together to our office.

You can download copies of the Mutual Exchange Application Form here. Or ask us for a copy by giving us a call or sending an email. If you need some help, please call us on 0141 551 8131 so that a member of our Housing Team can help you.

Reasons we could refuse the application.

We won’t refuse an application unless it is reasonable to do so. Examples of when an application could be refused include:

  • There is an ongoing investigation or history of antisocial behaviour
  • Receipt of an unsatisfactory tenancy reference
  • The exchange will result in overcrowding, or under occupation, of the property
  • Having rent arrears, or any other housing debt, where there is no arrangement in place to repay the debt

The above list is not a definitive list and we might refuse an exchange for other reasons.