Estate Management

Our Estate Management Service includes maintaining common areas such as backcourts, bin areas, stairs and close entrances and communal garden and landscaped areas.

Bin Stores & Backcourts

The bin stores are cleaned at least monthly. Unwanted bulk items should be placed at the side of the bin shelter and the Association will uplift and dispose of these on a fortnightly basis. Never put these items on the street. The Association also uplift litter behind the railings at the front of tenement buildings.

Close Cleaning

Close cleaning is provided weekly. It does not remove residents responsibility to keep the close clean and tidy.  

Garden Maintenance

We aim to maintain communal gardens and landscaped areas to a high standard.

Monitoring the Contract & Complaints

We aim to achieve consistency in service delivery and for complaints to be dealt with promptly.  If you have a complaint or feedback please contact us on 0141 551 8131 or via our complaints form.