Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer your questions that have not been addressed elsewhere on the website. Please contact us with your question by email to admin@milnbank.org.uk . We will respond to your question as soon as possible and if we feel others will benefit from knowing then we will add it here.

Most repairs are carried out on the same day however if you are not available to give access when you call in the repair the Association will arrange a date and time that is suitable to your needs, through our appointment based system. 

All tenants are responsible for ensuring that their house contents are adequately covered. This is not the responsibility of the Association. It is important that your cover is sufficient to cover the cost of replacing items such as floor coverings, soft furnishing, personal belongings, electrical goods etc. 

The main advice to all tenants is not to ignore rent arrears, the quicker you contact us the better. The Association can assist by agreeing to a repayment plan, ensuring that you are receiving the correct amount of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and put you in touch with our Income Maximisation Officer who can assist with claiming benefits etc.  Please contact the Association now if you are in rent arrears.

If you are not particularly interested in joining the Management Committee, the Association has a number of Focus Groups which aim to encourage residents to share their thoughts and ideas on MHA’s service delivery. The Focus Group setting is more informal and is led by residents. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the office.

In accordance with the gas safety regulations we have a legal requirement to service all Milnbank HA gas appliances annually. This work must be carried out within twelve months of the last service. You could be putting yourself, and your neighbours, in danger by failing to give access for the service to be carried out.  Also failure to give access will result in forced access to your property to carry this out.

If you cause damage to your home, whether accidentally or not, or you neglect your repairing obligations, we may carry out the repairs but you will be liable to pay for the cost of the work and the administration costs involved.

The Association’s Management Committee is a group of 14 people (plus 1 GCC representative) who live within MHA’s area i.e. your neighbours! The Management Committee is elected annually at the AGM and members serve for 3 years before standing for re-election. The Management Committee is what is known as the Governing Body and they are responsible for decision making. This means that the Management Committee, along with the guidance of trained staff, manage the affairs of the Association. If you are interested in joining the Management Committee, you must ensure you are a Member of MHA in the first instance.  Please contact the office on 0141 551 8131 for further information.  

The £1 paid to the Association is a one-off life time payment to become a shareholder of MHA. The Social Club £1 membership is due for renewal on annual basis as a small contribution towards their funds.

The Association operates an Emergency Repairs Call-Out Service.  Emergency repair requests outside normal office hours should be reported to 0141-551-8131 whereupon the caller will be offered 2 “touch button” options: Option 1 for emergencies – Press 0 and Option2 for non emergencies – Press 1. Where possible the contractor will fix and complete any jobs on site, however some repairs will only be made safe and follow-up work will be carried out as necessary. Residents’ who use the callout service for a repair that could have been carried out during normal working hours or repairs that are their responsibility will be charged for the full cost of the call out. IMPORTANT: GAS ESCAPE SHOULD BE REPORTED TO The National Gas Emergency Number  AT ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT ON FREEPHONE:0800 111 999

The Association have a number of different rent charges across all properties.  The Association completed a stock transfer in 2011 and inherited rent charges which can vary from house to house.  This means that there are often occasions that 2 neighbours have a large difference in the amount of rent they pay.  The Association strives to make all rents as affordable as possible. All tenants are issued with notification of their rent calculation on an annual basis, if you wish clarification on your rent, please contact the office.

ALL Management Committee Members serve on a voluntary basis i.e. there is no payment made. Therefore, other than basic out of pocket travelling expenses, local people who serve on the Management Committee give up their time freely.  

Yes, all tenants receive this service as part of their rent and owners as part of their management fee. The stair cleaning service includes brushing and washing all stairs from top to bottom.