Our Organisation

The Milnbank group of three organisations provides affordable, high-quality homes, drives job creation, manages private properties effectively and increases life opportunities for local people.  

Milnbank Housing Association

Milnbank Housing Association (MHA) was founded in 1975 and is a Community Based Housing Association operating in the East End of Glasgow. 

The Association is a non-profit making organisation registered as a Friendly Society and also registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator, who has a supervising and monitoring role in the Association’s activities. In June 2008 the Association became a registered charity

Milnbank Property Services Ltd

Milnbank Property Services Ltd was formed in January 2008 to provide property management services to owners. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Milnbank Housing Association and is registered as a Private Limited Company. 

Milnbank Community Enterprises

Milnbank Community Enterprises (MCS) was set up following agreement from the membership at the 2004 AGM.  Milnbank Community Enterprises was registered as a company in May 2007 and was established to focus on the Association’s wider role or housing activity. 

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