Milnbank Property Services Ltd was formed in January 2008 to provide property management services to owners. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Milnbank Housing Associaiton and is registered as a Private Limited Company.

Property Factor Registration Number is PF000368.

VAT Registration Number is 927 4845 89.

The monitoring of our operational activities is carried out by a Board of voluntary members via quarterly meetings and subsequently by reporting to Milnbank Housing Association’s Management Committee. Members use these meetings to evaluate and make decisions regarding the future direction of the Company. These meetings are also used to highlight problems, suggest solution and raise awareness of all activities in relation to factoring.

It is the Company’s responsibility to arrange and oversee the general upkeep of the building and to ensure that it is maintained to a high standard and that all necessary repairs, including cyclical works, are carried out. It is our role as a factor to keep factored properties in a good state of repair. 

The Company’s powers as factors are stipulated in a Management Agreement entered into with each individual home owner or as per Deed of Conditions. The Company will ensure that the costs of providing a factoring service are fully recouped.

We are responsible for implementing and administering a comprehensive factoring service on behalf of our owner occupiers, ensuring that customers receive both value for money as well as satisfaction from the services provided.

We have a responsibility to maintain all the common parts and areas surrounding the building. 

As well as the Company providing the above service it is also the responsibility of owners to keep their own property and the common areas well maintained.  

The Company will apportion administration and direct costs appropriately between home owners and recover costs efficiently.